About Victoria Skofteby Photography

Life is a collection of moments–some happy and some sad, but each one beautiful.  It’s these moments that colour our lives with the stories that connect us to one another. A photograph is more than simply that; photos allow us to suspend these moments, these stories, in time.

Capturing these moments and creating stunning visual stories is my passion.

As you may have guessed, I came screaming into this world with a camera grasped firmly in my tiny fingers. Well, maybe not literally but creativity is my life force and manning a camera feels as natural as breathing. As a child, my father would take pictures on our trips around the world. I look back on those photographs now and they arm my heart. I’m so grateful that I’m able to do what I love every day and share it with the world.

Your most beautiful moments are often those that are unplanned. Posed and poised photographs are beautiful but there’s something about a wedding day candid that truly captures the spirit of the moment. These are the photos that create your story.

I, and my awesome second shooter Steve Glen, work with you to bring the best out of you and your family & friends. Not everyone is comfortable being in front of a camera, but we keep photo shoots fun and comfortable so you can’t help but light up. After all, you are the most important piece of the puzzle.